Cooking Class

One of the activities that lets you take a closer look at the local lifestyle and interact with the sons of the soil. It opens a new avenue of everlasting friendship and helps you bring back home thousands of memory. Tag along with the us for one of our cooking class, the quintessential best of the town. Ideally for cooking class, you need to wake up early and We will take you to the village market to collect fresh herbs, meat and fish. A quick and short introduction with the locals will enable you to understand Khmer life that did not change much over the years. Post which, we will come back and cook with rustic equipment at your own pace. The chef will help you understand the history behind Amok (the cat fish, steamed in banana leave with a assortment of coconut milk) or even a vegetarian stew, flavored with a bunch of fresh herbs you can procure from the kitchen garden.